Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I didn't feel good yesterday, and I most definitely do not feel good today xP Oh goodness. I hope that by resting up today, I won't get so sick that I have to go to the doctor. Hopefully. I don't want to miss all of this school like I had to do last year.

Still not sure about the whole dating thing. Spent most of last night talking to Melissa, trying to help her. When you see some of your hurt inside of someone else, bleeding out and pleading softly, it's so hard to ignore. You can't help someone like that though, no words you say can break years of built up self neglect and self imposed guilt, not that I didn't try. She'll beat it.

Gaaaah, so boring here at the house. I would've much rather vomited at school that stay here and drive myself crazy. Not like I never embarrass myself there anyway XD

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