Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's never a right

I'm such a loser. I asked to date Cash when I want to date Dillan, just because I knew Cash liked me and I wanted someone. . . close. But turns out, Cash needs a lot of time to think about it XD Now I just feel like an ugly loser.

. . .Dillan and I. . . there is just something different there. He's Rebecca's though, so what do I do? Try to break her heart by taking his? That's never been the kind of person I am or ever want to be. Even though she constantly breaks his trust, while my guilt piles up when I don't tell him. He was so hurt last time! . . .There is never a 'right' in love. . . never, I say never.

And it's not really right that I want to date Cash as a filler, but I have to move on romantically at some point! A first step is better than a step backwards.

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